Midwest Winter

We never know what a midwest winter is going to bring. Two days ago the high was a beautiful 76 degrees, sunny and warm. Today not so much. A chilly 28 degrees with ice and rain! 

Living in the middle of the country we get a mix of it all. The ice storm is happening this weekend. Our area so far has been just affected a little. Just enough ice to make it a mess out there. 20 miles to the north covered in ice, 20 miles to the south covered in rain. Our roads have all been covered with salt and cleared. All the trees are beautifully covered in ice. 

Our family prepared for the worst of a possible ice storm. Firewood stocked, groceries bought ( warm soups and lots of snacks ) and generator on standby. Because where we live you really don’t know. I believe it was maybe 2007 an ice storm came through, everything was covered in about 2 inches of ice, power was out close to two weeks. We lost 7 large trees in our yard. It was a mess. But we have great memories of all the family that stayed with us to stay warm by the fire. 

Thankfully this time it was not that severe. Still, Cameron has enjoyed being in the warm house and playing. I have been enjoying my coffee looking out the windows at the beautiful ice covered trees. Kels has enjoyed the roads being cleared so she can get out and about. And my husband just relaxing and enjoying not working. 

I love living in the Midwest… 

” By the breath of God ice is given, And the broad waters are frozen. ” Job 37:10

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