Graduation & Enrollment ðŸŽ“

Yep, it’s about to happen again! Where has the time gone?

Kelsie is in her last semester of high school. Accepted to PSU! Graduation in May. CLASS OF 2017!

Cameron Jr. Halfway through last year of preschool. Just pre-enrolled for Kindergarten today. Starts in August. CLASS OF 2030!

What about CLASS OF 1992! Wasn’t that yesterday? Geez, father time slow down anytime. But I do remember the days I was asking it to speed up.

And of course we will never forget CLASS OF 2012! That year both of our oldest graduated. Kirsten and Cameron. Two class rings, two sets of announcements, two cakes. And don’t want to forget our son in law Alex that year too! 

Then there was that one day. CLASS OF 2015! Our son Cameron graduated college. Firefighter & EMT…

Definitely many more graduations to come and go. For that we are very proud parents. Very Blessed! Thank you Lord for all the caps & gowns this family has acquired. 

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