The Start of Something New

All our years of dreaming of country living and leaving the city behind are beginning to come together. We have always dreamed of selling our home in the city and moving to the country once our youngest daughter finished high school. This May, she will graduate.

For almost a year we have been searching for land out in the country. Enough land for a couple of houses. One for us and one for my mother in law. It has been challenging, now looking for land within the same school district our children attended. Because now our grandson Cameron living with us will start kindergarten in August. Oh the new adventures of farm living while raising a child again. The thought to us is so exciting!

My sister in law and mother in law found a farm just right outside town, about 10 miles north of our city home. My mother in law fell in love with the old farmhouse and purchased it. We bought the surrounding land, and love the peacefulness and beauty it provides. The land has a huge pond that my father in law already enjoys fishing in. And the farmhouse is in the middle of being brought back to it’s once beautiful self. Soon as their farmhouse is finished and all moved in, we will start cutting in a new road to lead to our future farmhouse.

Tonight we met with our architect that we have used many times before in the past for new homes we have built and sold. My husband is a contractor. But tonight we finally got to put our dreams for a new home to paper. How exciting it was discussing all that we would like to have, what is possible, what isn’t. We are downsizing from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom house. Including things our grandson and us will enjoy. Plus the gathering space roomy enough for our adult children to enjoy when they visit.

A simple, smaller home for our family to cherish forever and the new memories that will be made in it.

” Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established ”             Proverbs 24:3

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