Preschool Anxiety

Preschool has always been so fun for Cameron since day one. He is halfway through his second year. He attends a local Christian preschool three days a week 8:30 – 11:30 am. He is always ready to go, looking forward to seeing his friends, the outdoor playtime, the snacks and all the daily fun activities.

Cameron was sick with a cold/cough the first week of December so I kept him home 2 of his 3 days. The next week he was ready to go back. Then the following week he caught another bug ( this will happen most of winter I’m sure, kids passing a bug around over and over again ). So he ended up missing another full week of preschool. He missed his Christmas party, but was able to attend the last day before Christmas break. The school met at a small local theater to watch Polar Express. He enjoyed dancing with teachers and his friends before the movie started, then enjoyed his soda and popcorn. Such a fun day!

Christmas break came and went before we knew it. Cameron was ready to get back to school. He did enjoy last week, his first week back. Fun with his friends.

This morning he woke early, excited for school. We hopped  in the truck and off we went. But when I parked when we arrived, outa nowhere Cameron says ” I don’t want to go to school today ” I did not expect to hear that. We talked for a bit and I explained his teacher and friends were waiting to enjoy the morning with him. Today he had me carry him inside, head on my shoulder ( he usually grabs his backpack and runs for the door ). I set him down, put his backpack and coat in his cubby. Hugged and kissed him, said ” have a great day, love you ” and walked him into his classroom. He just held my leg. Miss Cari came up to him said Hello and I explained he was being shy today for some reason. She said ” thats not Cameron at all ” smiled at him, took his hand and began tickling him so he would let go and I could leave. He had a small smile from the tickling, but his head was down and his arm was still out reached toward me.

I walked out of the building, praying the entire way. For him to cheer right up, enjoy his day and for his shyness to disappear and also for God to remove my worry and my grandma anxiety!

Patiently waiting until 11:30 am…


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