Yep, that’s me! I forget everything. It’s awful. We could be in the middle of a conversation and I will literally ask something that we just discussed a few minutes earlier. My sister in law tries to point it out when I do it, for that I’m grateful. It is such an issue with me that i think before I speak sometimes because I’m trying to remember if I already said it. 

Just today my husband called to ask if I wanted to ride out to his brother and sister in laws ( same sister in law ) new home out in the country that is being built. I said sure. He would be home within 20 minutes to pick myself and our grandson up so we could see the progress of the home and see their farm animals. I hung up the phone, walked into the other room, seen a sink full of dishes. Sooo I started washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. About 20 minutes later my husband walks in, Cameron and I are not ready to go. I completely forgot he was stopping by the house to pick us up. Just in the short period of time of hanging up the phone with him and walking into the next room I forgot!

It’s just an everyday thing with me. I’m that forgetful…

” For I, the Lord your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, ” Fear not, I will help you. ” Isaiah 41:13

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