The best 40th birthday gift of all

imageThe week I turned 40 life as I knew it changed forever. Our only grandson, Cameron, who was 1 year old came to live with us permanently. My husband and I were just starting to get a feel for what empty nester life was going to be like.

Our two adult children already out of the house, living on their own, starting their own lives. Our youngest daughter, a sophomore in high school, just recently driving and finding her independence was always busy with school, cheerleading, work and time with friends. That left my husband and I to time together, just the two of us. We started dining out with friends we had met at church several nights a week. It was like being young again with no curfew or responsibilities. Our children were taking care of their selves. I believe that season in our life lasted about a year.

One night I went and picked up little Cameron. I was asked if he could live with us permanently. His home was unstable and from birth would stay with us weeks at a time. We always worried about him, grandparents do that of course. And from that moment on we went from being almost empty nesters to starting over raising a child. We have no regrets, what a joy and blessing he is. Now it’s not all been rosie, the first six months were hard. I was exhausted! I would nap any chance I could. It was all on me, my husband worked all day and our parents were enjoying life. They raised their children and watched their grandchildren grow already. I just couldn’t ask for help in the begining, a 1 year old is full time, wear ya out, kinda job. I was a mess and he was the happiest little boy.

During the next couple of years we did all the legal paperwork. Started with guardianship all the way to adoption. It was official December 2015. Goodness, time flew when we had kids of our own and starting out, but once a grandchild comes into your life, time seems to be fast forwarding way more than I’d like. That was back at the end of January 2014. Now Cameron is 4 1/2 years old. Halfway through his last year of preschool and a few months away from kindergarten and turning 5.

Never did I imagine preparing myself to turning 40 all those years ago would be turned into parenting all over again. Never would I change a thing and I thank God daily for the best 40th birthday gift of all.

” Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord ” Psalms 127:3

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